An Invitation to a World of Culinary Awakening





OK, so here you are, you LOVE Roadrunner Chile Company products, and you are putting them on all the usual stuff. Eggs. Burgers. Enchiladas. Eggs. Burgers. Enchiladas. Eggs. Burgers. Enchiladas. Eggs. Bur–. OK, so now after eating jars of Roadrunner Chile on this usual stuff, you are TIRED of it. But you still want your chile fix, so what to do?

We invite you to click on the little link at the top of this website called “Recipes”. We know, you withdraw in horror at the sound of the word. Recipes? Isn’t that like COOKING? Don’t you need to know the difference between “Fricassee” and “Frittata” to cook? Don’t you need to stock up on all those arcane kitchen instruments like spring-form pans and Santoku knives, even though you don’t know what they are used for? Don’t you need to spend HOURS in a hot kitchen when it’s 98 degrees outside and your air conditioner is broken to cook something?

We say thee nay, good chile people! Go ahead, click on the link. You will see that the recipes are divided two ways: by meal category and by product. Now page through the recipes and scan them. The first thing you’ll notice is that they are all EASY. Even the toughest ones go something like this. You buy stuff in the grocery store and take it home. You chop up some of it (granted this takes a LITTLE skill). You throw it all in a pot or pan and stir it. You heat it up. You sit down with your family and friends, eat it, and go YUM! And as you work through these recipes and enter a whole new world of tastiness, your imagination may run wild and you will come up with even MORE new uses for Roadrunner Chile! Then by the time you have worked through all of THOSE ideas–

You will have had time to renew your craving for chile eggs and  burgers and enchiladas again!