Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest_Logo[1]  Hey everyone, just as a little followup to my last blog about recipes, for those of you who can’t get enough chile recipes, I want to direct you over to our Pinterest page, available here .  There we have assembled a treasure trove of delicious recipes that are a bit different from the usual enchilada/chile relleno type in our board “Fun Recipes with New Mexico Chile”. Some of these are from this website, but we have collected many from other Pinterest boards and from the internet that are really interesting. On these recipes, you just want to be sure that in place of “salsa”, “enchilada sauce” and “canned green chiles” you substitute Roadrunner Chile Company Green Chile Salsa, Red Chile Cooking Sauce, and Fire Roasted Green Chile instead, just to kick the flavor up a notch! And while you are checking those out, be sure to see our other boards, “Road Foods We Love”, “Funny Food Eating Contests”, and “Treasures of the Great American Southwest” (any suggestions for additions to these boards is more than welcome!).

NEXT UP: your Roadrunner Chile Company hits the road to New Yawk New Yawk for the big Fancy Food Show at the Javits Convention Center! Report to follow!