So how hot IS it?

That’s the number one question whereever we go. Everybody wants to know, quite rightly, what to expect when they pop a helping of Roadrunner Chile in their mouth. Pain is not a lot of fun (for most people).

Presumably, if you are on this website and reading this post, you already are prepared (anticipating hopefully) that our chile will have some heat to it and give your tastebuds a tingle. And that’s exactly right. But how MUCH tingle?

Back in the early 20th century, a forward thinking fellow named Scoville decided that there should be some scale for measuring the relative heat of all foods, so he developed something called the Scoville Scale (natch!).

Basically, the Scoville Scale measures how much a food needs to be watered down so it’s spicy heat is undetectable to the palate. A food that’s non-spicy gets a zero, because it doesn’t need watering-down at all. Something like a habanero pepper would rate somewhere around 200,000, because it would have to be watered down 200,000 times before its heat would be undetectable.

So on this scale, applied to peppers, a bell pepper would get a zero. Tabasco sauce around 5,000. A jalapeno would be around 10,000. A habanero pepper 200,000. A ghost pepper 1,000,000. And the champion is something called a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, which comes in at 2,000,000!

Our Red Chile Cooking Sauce and our Fire-Roasted Green Chile are going to come in around 8,000 to 10,000 (our Green Chile Salsa, which also contains tomatoes and onions, slightly less). So if you are already part of the Tabasco sauce/jalapeno eating crowd, our products won’t surprise you. AND, if you combine them with other ingredients in our delicious recipes, the heat is cut substantially, so most times all you will have is a fun pleasant little burn that only lasts a minute. With experimentation, you can add as much or as little chile to your dishes  as you wish to get just the right sensation for you and your fellow diners. And, of course, you get the mouthwatering flavor of the chile itself!

So dive in, fellow food adventurers! A world of spicy flavor awaits you!