Support Our American Chile Farmers!

2011HarvestGraph_jpg_w560h430It’s time to point out to all you chile blog followers the tremendous situation facing the New Mexico chile farmer today. If you look at the above graph, you can see that the amount of acreage harvested by New Mexico chile farmers is on the decline and is now close to its alltime low. Why is that you may ask? Is the consumption of chile peppers declining (gosh, we hope NOT!). No, in fact, the problem is that chile pepper consumption is RISING  faster than ever, and THAT little fact is prompting other countries like China and Mexico to join in on the action. And, as any of us consumers know, it is MUCH cheaper to make or grow products in those countries than here in the good ole USA. So these countries are flooding our shores with cheap chile and forcing American farmers to lower their prices to the point where it becomes difficult to make a profit. One way you can help our farmers is to INSIST on buying chile products (whether from Roadrunner Chile or elsewhere) that  blatantly say on the label “New Mexico chile”. That way you are assured of getting the best tasting product AND helping our domestic farmers to make the living their hard work entitles them to have!  Ad astera per aspera!