The Fancy Food Show in New York City!

blog Wow what a show it was! Thousands of people, miles of walking, some displays that were the size of a city block, all stuffed to overflowing in the Javits Convention Center! This is the biggest food show anywhere, and you can see why when you walk into it. Not only did it seem like every specialty food company in the US was represented, but almost every country in the world besides. And every food you could think of! Although I have to say that some foods didn’t strike me as particularly “specialty”– things like cheese or chocolate– and there were dozens of companies there selling each (whoever had the TOOTHPICK concession at this event made a mint!). And only ONE little booth selling our beloved New Mexico chile (won’t say what company it was, only that it sells its chile in ugly little yellow cans!). Kudos to the Specialty Food Association for a well-run operation. Anyway, we are SERIOUSLY considering a presence there at the show next year, so stay tuned.