Welcome to our chile-lovers blog!

Hello chile-lovers everywhere and welcome to the first Roadrunner Chile Company blog! It’s our effort to stay in touch with our (hopefully) ever-growing fan base and share news and thoughts about the world of New Mexico red and green chile!

The first question we must address is the most popular one we hear from many of those we talk to: how spicy hot are our products? The short answer is only a little, but the long answer has to do with each individual’s “spice-o-meter”. We can have two individuals taste-test our salsa, for instance. One will shrug his or her shoulders and say “Not hot at all”, while the other will grasp at his or her throat and gasp for breath as though all the oxygen had suddenly been sucked out of the room! So the answer really depends on the individual.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from the vast majority, who try our products, let out a satisfied “mmm” and proclaim “That’s got a real nice burn to it”. That’s what we’re looking for, that “nice burn” that puts a smile (maybe even a laugh) on one’s face and gets the taste buds goosed. Our products have some heat, and we don’t apologize for that. But at the same time, as important as the heat is to us, the flavor is still king.  And the heat plus the flavor equals F-U-N eating!

As a favorite magazine editor of mine once said, Thank you and Good Afternoon!