Where the Heck is Parkland Florida Anyway?

For those of you who live in South Florida and crave a great Green Market every weekend, you may have been missing out on one of the BEST Green Markets around, namely the one in Parkland. Where is THAT you ask? Well pay close attention, because there are only TWO more of them this season, one this coming Sunday April 7, and then two weeks after on April 21. It runs from 9 AM to 1 PM. So allow me to give directions to all those of you who (like me) live I-95-centric lives. First, take said I-95 to the Hillsboro Blvd exit in Deerfield Beach. Drive far, far west till you get to SR 7/441 and turn left (south). At the next traffic light, turn right onto Holmberg Road (trust me, you don’t have to worry about being the only car on the road even way out here). Now drive even FARTHER west, farther than you could have imagined possible. And just when you say to yourself “Why on EARTH would anyone live way out HERE?” (about 2 miles), you will see off to the right a LOT of bright shiny (mostly) white tent tops in the middle of a large pasture. Not to mention a line of dozens of cars waiting to turn into the parking area (parking and admittance are all FREE). So load up the spouse and kids and come on out and see us, y’hear? You may even find you love Parkland enough to move there!