Y’all ready for the Delray Beach Chili Cookoff?

Yawn, another perfect weekend in sunny warm South Florida. What to do? Play a round of golf behind the World’s Slowest Foursome? Dip your hand into the wife’s Honey-Do jar and let her think that all her nagging has finally paid off? Go to the beach and see how many sea-pests on the lifeguard warning board you can identify as they swarm towards you?

No no my friend– you need to be where the ACTION is! And the action this weekend, Saturday February 16, will be at the 16th annual Delray Beach Florida Chili Cookoff! The show takes place from 10 am to noon at the Old School Square. We will be there with our traditional New Mexican Chili (cleverly named Roadrunner Chili), entered in the “Everything Else” category (the other categories being “Beef and Beans” and “Vegetarian”). Competition will be stiff and spicy, but we are determined to emerge victorious. But we will need  supporters to come out to cast the popular vote in our favor to make us the winners (in a perfect world, our chili would be declared the best and we wouldn’t need any support, but as a wise man once said, it’s not a perfect world). So come on out, bring your appetite, and be prepared for a great time with us!